Monday, March 5, 2012

4 Step Program

Yes, it rains a lot out here, but it is not bad. And yes, we get dinners a lot - the ward here is awesome about that. . . .

This week has been great. Our investigator, Grady, is so awesome. That guy is so humble and has so much faith, that I learn from him each time we see him. Last night was our last lesson. We taught about the Word of Wisdom. He loves coffee, but after we had him read Section 89 in the Doctrine and Covenants, he said he lost his love for coffee. And because he speaks French, it just sounded so much cooler. lol. The Spirit is so strong when we are there, it makes my day. He is already going to talk to some of his friends about the Church. Love that guy. He gets baptized on Saturday at 5.

I went on splits with our zone leaders and so I was in the town of Corvallis, home of Oregon State University. College kids are so much easier to teach than families because they are way nicer and don't get angry when you ask them questions. It is funny but true, and that was good because the missionary I was with is really good at talking to people. I am learning to not take the first three times people say "no" as an answer. lol.

We are trying to build up our investigators. One way we are doing that is by using our ward families. President Young found this four step invite plan based on faith that was written by one of the Apostles in the 1980s (or sometime), but it is way good. So we have been sharing it with the families we eat with every night to help them get more involved. This is the plan, and it is all based on their faith and their willingness to be missionaries themselves:
1) Prayerfully - and if felt needed, fast - about a date in the future you will ask someone to come to church using the guidance of the Spirit.
2) After picking that day prayerfully - and if felt needed, fast - about who you should ask.
3) After figuring out step one and two, talk to the bishop, missionaries, and ward mission leader about ideas on how you will talk to that person.
4) Using the Spirit, ask that person if they would like to learn more about the gospel.
The whole thing is based on the members' faith and their following the Spirit. It is way nice and we have a couple families that will do it now.

Love You Guys,
Elder Woestman