Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rain, rain, rain, . . .

Ok - so this week was way good, and way stressful. It started out on Monday raining the most I have seen since I have been out here. We had our bikes that day and as we were going to one of our appointments at night, we had to go over some railroad tracks. Some how my tire got stuck in the railroad track and I flew off of the bike, hahaha. But my tire popped so we just chained up our bikes to the nearest pole and then walked the rest of the way to the guys house. By the time we got to our apartment we were soaked, lol, but it was fun. I fixed my bike, so thank you mom for all the bike stuff and thank you Bob for having mom get the stuff.

So, pretty much all of our appointments fell through this week, which was making me pretty frustrated. But, we still have one way good investigator, Randy. He is getting baptized in April, so I am pumped about that. Oh - so we tracted into this lady named Georgia. She is from the UK and is way cool. She did her thesis in college on Mormons so she let us in right away. She then went and told us that if she was to join any religion it would be ours. Elder E and I just looked at each other and smiled. But she didn't want to be taught right then, so we are having the bishop's family go talk with her because they live three doors down from her.

I had a way good learning experience this week while I was fasting on Saturday and Sunday. I had been fasting that two of our lessons on Sunday would go well. Well - one lesson cancelled and the other lesson went terrible. It helped me realize that when I fast I need to be more specific about what it is I am fasting for. And that even through I fast for something, it doesn't mean it will happen. That was good for me to realize. But over all, it was a good week - another week in paradise :)
Love you all, Elder Woestman