Monday, February 6, 2012

1st Letter From The Missionary Training Center

Thursday, Feb 2nd 2012

So, this is so SWEET! My roomies are way cool. I have two companions and they are great - Elder R and Elder C. [Note from mom who is posting this. I will not write any specific names of people Ben writes about, but will just use a letter for their name.] And guess what - I am senior companion! So that's fun. "My crew," which are my roomies, are sweet.

Our Zone Leaders are mass sweet. We are the only English speaking room in our Zone. The rest speak Samoan, Tongan, and stuff like that. They are way outgoing.

It is only day two, but I am already super close with the crew. We do everything together. Elder R and I know how to "read" each other like we were born twins. So crazy how the Lord puts people together. I just hope we can serve together. We "teach" our first investigator tomorrow. It is just a role play, but the crew is going to OWN IT. I cannot explain how excited I am.

Family - thanks for the book [Dan put together a book of testimonies and pictures of the family for Ben to have on his mission]. It is so awesome! I love you guys so much. Can't wait to be out in the field.

Elder Ben