Monday, October 21, 2013

Herbal Tea

What is up my family!  This was a great week.  Donna is doing awesome!  She and her two kids came to church again this week, and John and Josh are going to be in the primary program this following week.  Which is sweet because it locks them in more with the ward.  Those two kids crack me up.  They are crazy wild, but when they get to church they sit quietly in the seats and when it's time to pray they are super reverent.  Their mom has taught them well

We had a great lesson with another family in the ward and it went so good.  We talked about eternal families and she wants her kids to grow up in a good home and have good principles. We are planning on inviting her to be baptized this week so keep her in your prayers.  How's the work going in Western Hills?  Are the missionaries staying busy?  Do they have ipads yet?  We are trying to get them in our mission - hahaha.  We really have no say in it but we can always hope right :P 
Elder L. Tom Perry said that every missionary would have one by the end of June. 

We also had a way sweet miracle happen in the mission. All the missionaries in the mission are working super hard and are being obedient.  The missionaries are being more obedient than ever and all have the fire.  They are understanding the importance of the morning schedule and why we need to study and exercise every morning.  Spiritually and physically prepared.  

So I went on an exchange with a missionary and he has got me hooked on herbal tea - hahaha.  It's nice because its starting to get cold.  Got to love the herbs!
Love you all !!!!
Elder Woestman