Monday, June 18, 2012

Putting people on our path

So sorry about not writing last week, the library was closed all week, so I wasn't able to email. I did not forget. lol. So the past two weeks have been the bomb diggity. We had a huge miracle happen last Saturday. We were tracting and while we were walking home we decided to take a different way back. Right when we are about to turn down our street, we hear "livin in a ganstas paradise" playing in the background. We look over and there is this older guy listening to it in his drive way. So naturally we go talk to him :). Turns out his name is Rick and he has seen us pass by before and sat out that day to see if we would again and if we would talk to him. He had gone to church in Arizona but when he moved to Oregon he did not know where one was. We talked to him and his wife and invited them to come to church. They said yes :). They loved it. This past week when we talked to them they could not stop talking about it and they could just feel the Spirit so strong at Church. Then this Saturday we had another lesson and Elder "H" asked Rick and Lois if they would be baptized on July 14th. They said yes. It was amazing. And it is all because we went another way. Crazy how the Lord puts people in our paths. Everyday we run into someone that will listen to us. I love it. It is so amazing.

Also this week we have been putting our members to the test. We have picked about 5 families that we have been going over to and teaching them the restoration. Then we ask them to have someone they know be taught in their homes. We give them a date that we have prayed about that they will be able to do it by. So we will be getting a couple solid referrals from members and be able to teach them in their homes. Its been going very well. The members in our ward are sweet. They are always willing to help us and give us food.

We also had interviews with our president this past week which always goes great. Pres Young is probably the most in tune to the spirit guy I have ever meet. Part of the lesson that we learned that day was how to keep the spirit with us at all times. He gave us a copy of a talk that talked about if we want the spirit to be by our side at all times we need to be even more than 100 percent obedient. Anything that distracts us from the work we need to drop. so what we do is fast to figure out ten things we need help on. Then for the next 40 days we 'fast' from those 40 things and every day and night pray for strength to not do them and then pray for forgiveness if we do do it and figure out how to not do it the next day. By the end of the 40 days if we work for it we won't have the problems any more. How cool is that. So we are putting it to the test.

Hope all is going well and everyone is doing great. I love you guys.
Elder Woestman